Preparing Your Business For a Move

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Preparing Your Business For a Move

April 30, 2019 Redpath Relocations

Whether you’re moving your place of work for financial reasons, or are looking to move to a more convenient location, an office relocation is a lot of work! You may be moving your business in order to improve income by reducing location expenses, or upsizing to fit additional employees. It can be intimidating to keep a business running properly while also preparing to move. Here’s a list of tips to make it as smooth as possible: 

  • Create a schedule. Be detailed. Consider the amount of movers you will have onsite, the approximate time to move heavier items (furniture, photocopiers, etc.). Combine this list with data on your industry, and try to line up your moving date with a low point in the annual influx of your business.
    • Be adaptable. Sometimes, moves take longer than anticipated. Difficult items and even weather can affect your move. It’s important to choose a time where you can afford to include a couple of contingency days to your moving plan.
  • Maintain a budget. There are many expenses involved in a commercial move that may come as an unwelcome surprise. In your budget for the move, account for labour delays, technical issues with installations (computers, projectors, etc.), and loss or damage of items in transit.
  • Stock up. You’ll need lots of moving supplies, so make sure you’ve got boxes or other containers ahead of time. You’ll also need tape, markers, bubble wrap, furniture wrap, and packing insulation. You could also opt to choose a moving company that supplies packing containers for their moves.
  • Be thorough when choosing your movers. When you’ve begun to pack, transition technology, and otherwise prepare for your move, it’s time to find your professional movers. Choose a company that you trust, and look at testimonials to find the right one for you.
    • Move with confidence. An unfortunate reality of large scale moves is that sometimes, objects get damaged in transit. Always choose a well-reviewed mover, and consider business insurance for at-risk items.
  • Communicate. Establish a strong line of contact with your movers, and make sure they know the locations of your move. Stay in touch with them in the days and weeks approaching your move.
  • Hit the ground running. Don’t let the clutter of having just moved in bog you down. Let your professional moving company assist with the set-up and installation of your office fixtures and systems, allowing you to get up and running as soon as possible.

Whether you’re moving across the street or across the province, Redpath Relocations offers reliable and efficient office moves at a reasonable rate. Our team is highly experienced, qualified, and prepared to take the utmost care with your next commercial relocation. If you’re ready to get started, don’t hesitate to contact Redpath Relocations today.

Moving Tips

February 19, 2019 Redpath Relocations

Good packing and planning is essential for a stress-free move. If you choose to do some or all of your own packing, it is important that you be familiar with professional packing and planning techniques to help protect your possessions.


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