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Furniture Repurposing

Comprehensive Removal and Redistribution Service

Donate a few small offices of chairs and desks, repurpose storage rooms of filing cabinets, or decommission entire buildings of furniture and equipment.

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To Repurpose Your Old Furniture

Some nine million tons of used or out-of-fashion office furniture and equipment are dumped into North America’s landfills each year. Yet, much of that “waste” can be diverted and repurposed via responsible and cost-effective redistribution. Every usable item is an opportunity to help nonprofits improve their workspaces, and in turn their work, and simultaneously protect the planet from the negative impact of landfill waste.

The cost of our service is very similar to the cost of driving the assets straight to the landfill. We are able to keep our costs low because we have a large network of corporate donors, charities in need, and recyclers which enables us to provide a turnkey solution.

Committed to Community

We are committed to making life better in the communities where we operate and pleased that we are able to do that through a number of local non-profits whose work benefits many in the area.

Some of the non-profits we have supported include Habitat For Humanity, Salvation Army and Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver.

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