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We are Proud to be a Committed and Engaged Part of Our Community

Moving Experts

That Give Back to Their Community

When everyone looks out for each other, a community flourishes. Over the years, we have been honoured to donate services to charitable groups and events – whether it’s delivering holiday trees and gifts with the Vancouver Christmas Bureau, supporting the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation, providing assistance to Canuck Place (among many other foundations), or even personal donations to matters that mean the most to us, such as the ALS Association and the JDRF. We have also been happy to sponsor local youth sports groups, so every kid gets a chance to play.

Community Organizations That We Support

  • Vancouver Christmas Bureau
  • ALS Association
  • JDRF
  • BC Children’s Hospital Foundation
  • Canuck Place
  • Local Youth Sports Groups

More About Us

Our Partnerships

Connections across the world – from crossing provincial lines to travelling overseas, we have the resources to get your job done.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

At Redpath, people of different backgrounds come together to accomplish and exceed our goals.

Health and Safety

Safety is our #1 priority. Whether we’re on a construction site, or in your home, safety is of the utmost importance.