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Government Moving

Precise Planning and Expert Delivery

Municipally, Provincially, and Federally, Redpath Relocations has the knowledge and experience to handle any manner of Government projects. Whether you require transportation, storage, both, or something entirely unique; we are prepared to help.

Trust Redpath

With Your Government Moving

With the utmost professionalism, we have been honoured to carry out and deliver on many different government projects; locally, provincially, and federally. Our team is widely experienced in these projects, ranging from large bureaus, to revenue and tax offices, border services, and even law enforcement and correctional compounds. Our select & specialized crew has undergone criminal record checks and possess facility security clearance for multiple branches of government that we’ve proudly worked with. We understand the high standards required of each job, and strive to execute each plan down to the last, minute detail.

Did You Know?

commercial moving: did you know

We have stair climbers and airlifts to handle the largest computer equipment and safes.

commercial moving: did you know

We care about the safety of our employees, and provide them with the best equipment, ensuring that they do the job efficiently and safely.

commercial moving: did you know

By using the ecrate system, we are able to move your office up to 20% faster than if we were to use cardboard boxes?

commercial moving: did you know

For your convenience, we offer walk-away service from your old office furnishings. Redpath Relocations donates and recycles furniture in order to reduce waste in landfills.

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