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We Can Pack Everything or Some Things

The proper preparation of your belongings is essential to the success of your move. Create a packing plan as personal as your prized possessions.

Trust Redpath

With Your Packing

Some may choose to handle all the packing themselves, while others want the help of professional movers. Either way, we can tailor our packing services to fit your timeline, your budget and all of your belongings. No matter which option you choose, we’ll take care of the loading, transportation and unloading. Plus, you’ll get our full-value protection and the help of a move coordinator to support you throughout your move.

Packing Options

You Pack Everything

  • You pack up your home.
  • We blanket wrap your furniture for transit.
  • You can order supplies from us if you need them.

We Pack Some

  • We customize a plan based on your needs.
  • We pack as much or as little as you specify.
  • We blanket wrap your furniture for transit.

We Pack Everything

  • We bring all the materials and pack for you.
  • We blanket wrap your furniture for transit.
  • You don’t have to lift a finger.

Unpacking Options

You Unpack Everything

  • We place every box in the right room.
  • We place your furniture where you want it.
  • You take your time unpacking and settling in.

We Unpack Some

  • We place every box in the right room.
  • We place your furniture where you want it.
  • We unpack what you request and haul away the empty boxes.

We Unpack Everything

  • We place your furniture right where you want it.
  • We unpack each box and place items for you to put away.
  • We haul away empty boxes after we’ve unpacked them.

Packing Tips

Assemble packing materials including sturdy cartons of different sizes with good tops, tape, clean paper and tissue for wrapping china, newspapers to use as cushioning material, and marking pens. Soft items such as clothing and bedding can be left in drawers.

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