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Get Your Frequently Asked Questions Answered

DISCLAIMER: Following are the most frequently asked questions with common answers; however, each move is unique and subject to its own specifications. To accurately address all concerns, these specifications must be discussed with one of our professional moving consultants to provide the most efficient solutions to the circumstances.

All of our crew wear masks, are temperature tested daily, and sanitize their hands when they come in, when they arrive onsite, and during the move as necessary. Our equipment is rigorously cleaned and disinfected after each job. We ask that you maintain physical distancing efforts to keep both you, and our team, safe. We adhere to all provincial and federal health guidelines to mitigate the chance of exposure to crews and customers alike.

Through our affiliation with Mayflower Canada & United Van Lines, we can perform relocations globally.

Absolutely. We have a plethora of different sized cartons and packing supplies to assist in preparing for your relocation. As an alternative to cardboard boxes, we offer RED Boxes, which are eco-friendly, water-resistant, and designed specifically for moving. All of our RED Boxes go through our sanitization treatment before they leave our warehouse.

We have many designated installers and technicians on our team. Dismantling and reassembly of furniture is part of our standard service, whether you need simple table leg disassembly, flat screen TV wall-mounting, or entire floors of complex office systems furniture.

The resident (you) maintains the relationship with their own landlord, and as such is required to arrange for elevator access and lockout, if and where possible.

We work rain, snow, or shine! Your move will be completed in nearly all scenarios, barring only the times it is unsafe for us to continue. At times, severe inclement weather conditions may have an impact logistically on your move. On these rare occasions, we do persevere as much as possible, and we will complete your move as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our services are tailored to each move individually to service the unique requirements. Our professional moving consultants will assist and discuss/address your specific circumstances. If possible, we ask that one person be present throughout the move process.

While we pride ourselves on the care of your goods, we understand accidents can happen. Should any damage occur, we urge you to follow up with us ASAP so that we can rectify the situation. We are fully insured, and strive to provide excellent customer service; before, during, and after your move.

We accept all major credit cards, cheques, EFT’s, and e-Transfers.

Thanks for asking! Tips are never expected, but always welcome should you feel your movers went above and beyond.