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Moving Supplies

Vancouver’s Environmentally Friendly Reusable Boxes

RED Boxes make moving so much easier than using cardboard. You don’t need tape, you don’t need a knife, you just fill them up and close the lid.

Trust Redpath

With Your Residential Move

You can rent a package of environmentally friendly reusable boxes from our rental website, designed for easy online ordering. We handle drop-off at the location of your choice, and pickup at your new location once your move is complete to make the moving process simpler and easier.

Our landfills are continually being overrun with garbage. Instead of scavenging cardboard boxes, use environmentally friendly RED Boxes, delivered right to your office. They’re water resistant, reusable and cleaned after every use.

Shop Our Moving Supplies

Give our RED Boxes a try! Visit www.redpathboxrentals.com to shop online.

Need other moving supplies. Contact us!

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