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Office Setup

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At Redpath Relocations, we offer professional office furniture installation. Your office setup can take place in an existing space, or can be done in a new location.

Trust Redpath

With Your Vancouver Office Setup

Whether you are redesigning your entire office space with new furniture, or moving an existing workstation and require disassembly and re-assembly, you can be assured that we will minimize your downtime and ensure secure system installs. When designing your office space, it is important to have a stress-free environment. Our team at Redpath Relocations is committed to creating this for you and your company.

Office setup and installation encompasses several steps and includes the organization of arrivals of new furniture, appliances, and equipment. Our team is with you at every stage of your office setup from the preparation and organization stage to the Final Mile installations. After we have completed the office furniture assembly, we will remove all of the cardboard and packaging materials so that your staff can return to a clean, safe environment.

Office Setup Services

  • Setup and install all workstations and furniture
  • Secure and mount all artwork, mirrors, and bathroom accessories
  • Place all workstations and furniture
  • Quality Assurance – inspect and ensure everything is in order as specified for client’s approval
  • Secure and mount all furniture

Office Setup and Installation FAQs

Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment installations are common for office setup & installations as well as other commercial spaces. Whether there are big pieces such as desks, storage pieces or tables that need to be installed or simply mounting light fixtures or art pieces, we are here at your service. Redpath Relocations is committed to helping you create the most comfortable and effective workspace for you and your employees.

If your furniture is already all assembled but you are wanting to change the layout of your space, have no worries! Trust Redpath Relocations to handle your furniture and appliances with care and respect. When arranging your furniture in your given space, many factors must be considered. What layout creates maximum efficiency? What layout will facilitate teamwork? What environment will produce the most creativity? Our staff is trained to aid you in making these important decisions during your furniture reconfiguration.

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